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Retreat Friends!

Today I got one note via mail and another via email from two different women who've attended my fertility retreats. Each note in and of itself totally brightened my day, but the clincher was that each of these two women actually wrote about each other and how happy they were to have met through my retreats and have each other as friends! (They must also have developed a psychic connection to write me notes at the same time!)

I know it's often scary to think about going to a retreat with a bunch of women (and maybe even instructor) you've never met, and I know there's no way for me to assure you you'll meet someone you'll form a friendship with. What I can pretty much guarantee is that you'll feel supported and understood by a group of women and perhaps you'll meet a friend or two. Which is one of the best things I can think of. From scary isolation (in fertility struggles) to heard and meeting true friends, what a wonderful transformation!

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