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I'm an acupuncturist, teacher, fertility specialist, patient centered advocate, mom, activist and more! This blog is a place for me to write down the things on my mind, the things I discuss over and over, and the things I find helpful, interesting, and inspiring all in the hope that someone else out there, maybe YOU, will find some of these things to be helpful, interesting and inspiring too. I love learning, I love sharing, and I am passionate about helping others lead more balanced, fertile, and healthy lives - while trying to do the same myself. So here goes... The Blogging Life...


Mindfulness Retreats in July

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.” -Thich Nhat Hanh
Have you ever thought: There is no WAY I could ever meditate, my mind is too busy, crazy, active and wild. I only feel like I’m failing when I try to meditate. I feel frustrated just thinking about it!...  Many people imagine meditation as sitting completely still with one’s mind clear from thoughts. but the July fertility AND women's retreats will prove that this is simply not true! 
The July 11th Women's and July 20th Fertility retreats will offer a good ‘ole Minnesotan smorgasbord of mindfulness options, from moving, walking, eating, cooking and cleaning, to breath awareness and quieting the mind.  In addition to receiving acupuncture, you will spend time trying several of the many many options out there and will discover which work best for YOU and how to incorporate them into your daily life to reduce stress, promote balance and feel more focused, healthy and calm.

Oh, and did I mention we'll be eating several different types of delicious CHOCOLATE!?!  
come mindfully compare different types and see how different they really are. It's like a wine tasting, but for chocolate!!!  Who can say no to that?!
I hope you will join me, share your experience, feel support and community, and take some time to nourish your body, mind and spirit!  It is a great way to start your weekend.
Wear comfortable clothes and bring a blanket and/or yoga mat and pillow as well as a journal if you wish (not required).  ALL stages of the journey are welcome.  TTC naturally, with ART, 3rd party, adopting, unsure what your next step is... acupuncture pro or newbie... you will be supported and at home here!
Both retreats will be held on the campus of St. Catherine University. Room and parking info will be sent 2 days prior to each retreat to all registered participants. Wear comfy cloths that are comfortable for both relaxing on the floor and getting acupuncture as well as walking a bit outside (weather permitting!)

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