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June Fertility Retreat - Feeling Like a Failure

Oh, let me count the ways...

As a woman
   As a human
      As a partner
          As a daughter

To myself
   To others


Am I hitting a nerve?

I know. I've seen women in their darkest places. I want to cry when I think about some of the hard, hard, hard places I've seen women have to go. Places they never dreamed of. Have you gone to these places?  Do you worry you are on your way?

I am more sorry than I can say. And while it is easy for me to be kind and compassionate, I know it is not usually easy for you to do it for yourself.

Let me help you learn how. Let me help you know that you are not alone. Let me validate that your feelings are real and true and so very very hard.

Come to the June 22nd fertility retreat from 9-noon at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. (directions, room number and parking info will be emailed to all registered attendees 2 days in advance).

Other Details:

Who: women who are in ALL stages and phases of creating the family of their dreams.  TTC naturally, with IUI, IVF, 3rd party, adopting, grieving loss, making peace with discontinuing to try, in limbo, primary or secondary fertility issues, GLBT, Hetero, partnered or single, acupuncture pro or newbie.  ALL non pregnant women are welcome! IF YOU REGISTER AND LEARN YOU ARE PREGNANT PRIOR TO THE RETREAT (first off, YAY) FULL REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

Cost: $75 per participant includes supplies, tea, snacks and acupuncture OR skip the acupuncture (and stay the 1st and 2nd hour only) and pay $50 instead. 

SPECIAL DEAL!  If this is your first ever retreat or you bring a friend take $25 off your fee

Reservations: Space is limited to 8 acupuncture participants MAX. TO EITHER RESERVE YOUR PLACE OR PAY IN FULL CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LIFE HEALING LIFE STORE. Cancellations given less than 72 hours in advance will get all but $25 of the fee refunded ($25 non-refundable). 

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