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The Quick Fix and other ideas I'm not crazy about...

More and more I'm aware of the disturbing "quick-fix" trends in Western medicine. Want to be done with your period for good? Why not opt for endometrial ablation the "safe" alternative to a hysterectomy? You can get one from many doctors on demand. At the very least, why not take a new birth control pill and have fewer periods (by suppressing your own hormones). If you don't feel like eating well and being physically active, you could always opt for the newest weight loss option..."where microinjections of a medication known as phosphatidylcholine (PCDC) are injected into the skin of the targeted area achieving a desired therapeutic result" The fat is "melted!" I could list dozens of these medical quick fixes...and sadly I'm sure there are many even scarier treatments on the way.

I should state...before I continue to rant...that both of these treatments may be useful in some (please note the italics!) instances. In fact, the fat dissolving drug now used for weight loss was originally developed for fatty plaques in the heart and used to prevent heart attacks. But why would a person opt for these relatively new & relatively un-researched options for something less serious...dare I say something cosmetic?

I think much of the trouble lies with a lack of eduction. We live in a doctor centered, pharmaceutical driven society and patients are not only disempowered, they are often grossly uneducated and often times overtly mislead. I have had a patient tell me that her MD informed her that stress is not a factor in illness (this after studies are showing stress to be a significant factor in as much as 80% of diseases). Nevermind the fact that deep down most of us know stress can cause illness...or at least our great grandmothers knew! I have had a patient tell me her MD would not tell her the potential side effects of a newly prescribed drug because in his experience patients tend to imagine having them once they've been told. Which leads me to ask...if stress and our mind can't cause disease, how then is knowing a side effect able to cause a symptom?

Something is clearly amiss. Some doctors dismiss acupuncture as quackery or simply mind over matter...despite the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) publishing clearly written statement confirming it's effectiveness. These are the leading authorities on medicine in the nation and the world. Not to mention Chinese medicine's 3,000 year old history of being safe and effective and more studies showing it is as effective or more effective and safer than the Western options in many cases. Still patients will often take their doctors word as unquestionable fact.

Part of my mission as a health care provider is to educate, inform and empower not only my patients, but the whole of humanity. I know this blog has a limited reach, but if just one person takes this message to heart and starts to think about their health in a new way it will be a success. My message is this: Listen to your gut instinct. Does microwaving your uterus or injecting a chemical to "melt" fat really sound like a good idea? Doesn't it make sense that stress does matter? Shouldn't a patient feel good about getting better? Chinese medicine may not be the solution for everyone and every instance...I seriously doubt any one option is. But understanding your options and expanding your horizons is always a good idea!

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melange76 said...

I really agree (I know this blog is written for womens health), but I also get frustrated or concerned with some people's health choices. Sometimes your body does not want to be messed with in unnatural ways. I think the decisions usually come from laziness, lack of education (as you said), or an intolerance for what is natural and real in the body. It is frightening to me what some people consider a healthy choice.