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Breastfeeding Milk Supply Issues - too much or too little

I know many who read my blog are focussed on becoming pregnant or staying pregnant, but the ultimate hope is to be on the other side!  For those of you who are, this is a breastfeeding post for you, if you are not, skip this one at least for now...

Someone on a forum I frequent just shared a link that I am totally digging.  I only wish I'd had it sooner!


If you are breastfeeding and worried about too much or too little milk I highly recommend you check it out.  It has a lot of good information!

And of course, think about calling or emailing your friendly La Leche League chapter or seeking out some hands on help with an Internationally certified breast feeding consultant.  A good conversation with either can be a sanity saver and make things so much easier :)


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