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Fertility Retreats - General Information

There are lots of reasons why this group may be for you!

Have you seen or heard about all the great research on the powerful ways acupuncture improves fertility (better blood flow, regulation of hormones, stress reduction to name a few)?

Are you are worried about affording private acupuncture sessions, but want to try it out or do more of it than you currently are? 

Do you already see an acupuncturist and want to understand more about what they are working on or the recommendations they have given (why does my acupuncturist keep telling me to eat beets for example...)?

Have you been craving diy options won't make you crazy?

Do you feel isolated and alone and wish you had a group of women who not only understand, but support you?

Do you feel like you want to try something that supports you right now instead of feeling more and more out of balance in the hopes that it will pay off later?

Do you have questions and would rather ask women in person vs. posting on yet another web forum? 

Welcome!  You've come to the right place for more information on the Saturday group fertility retreats. Below is the general information as well as a list of upcoming topics. I hope you will join us!

What: Relaxing holistic fertility retreats with topics you'll love, women you'll connect with, and group style acupuncture healing.  Hosted by top Twin Cities fertility acupuncturist and experienced speaker Nicole Lange

When: One Saturday of each month  9am - Noon

Where: St. Catherine's University in St. Paul (directions, room number & parking info will be given upon registration)

Who: Women who are naturally TTC, IUI, IVF, Donor Cycles, Surrogate Cycles, Adopting, Recurrent Loss, Making peace with discontinuing to try, Primary or Secondary, GLBT or Hetero, partnered or single, acupuncture pro or newbie (that includes needle-phobes, LHL Patients and non patients :)  (ALL women are welcome!)

Cost: $75 per participant per session - pay at least $25 (non refundable if cancellation is <72 refundable="">72 hours cancellation) to hold your space, (cash, check, or request a paypal invoice).

Please pre-register at nicole@lifehealinglife.com at least TWO days in advance as space is limited. 

Life Healing Life Acupuncture for Women’s Health & Fertility  telephone: 612.423.9986 

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