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Podcast - Salt, Sugar, Fat and a Breakfast Idea

Check out this podcast from the good folks at America's Test Kitchen with pulitzer prize winner and author Michael Moss about the industry of junk food in America (Starts at 15:50 marker).  So interesting, and as he states (in so many words)... knowledge is power!

A quick yummy breakfast idea if you are trying to decrease your carbs... I stumbled into this one today:

1/4 cup full fat vanilla yogurt
1 Tablespoon natural salted peanut butter
about 12 frozen raspberries

HOLY MOLY!  SO yummy... I could eat this as a treat... and it's about 12g carbs with the brands I used (check your own).

I ate this with a soft boiled egg with a little organic herby blend seasoning by frontier seasoning blends and a cup of tea.  Perfecto!


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Kim said...

Michael Moss was on the Splendid Table this weekend (not sure if it was a replay or not). Really interesting interview and I can't wait to read his book. He mentioned that the CEO (I think...) of Kraft challenged his fellow execs and they all pretty much ignored him. Must find out more about this. :-) Also, have you read Fast Food Nation? Similar ideas behind the two.