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Changing the Family Food

I'm so excited and interested in the whole insulin/too much carbs idea that I'm putting my whole family through an experiment.

We're a few days in and everyone is feeling like they are starving... despite eating plenty of food. Not great feeling, but total corroborating of the theory, which feels cool.

My kiddos especially are HARD core hooked on carbs, which is a bit of a wake up call, because I would have put us in the super healthy eater department prior to last weekend.

Who knew... we ate a ton of carbs :)
Steel cut oats, brown sugar, walnuts and rice milk for breakfast
trail mix with little dried fruit and sometimes chocolate chips for snack
more fruit
1/2 cup of juice a day
complex carbs with, vegetables, lean meat and yup, fruit for lunch
granola bars for snacks
veggies and hummus
and more complex carbs with lean mean and veggies for dinner
before bed.. how about some chips and salsa
everything portioned 2 or 3 times the recommended size

Seems relatively healthy though right...
SOOOO many carbs!
And we were always hungry then too!

So here's more of the new plan

scoop of coconut oil or peanut butter
(not all at once, but some of these throughout the morning, every 2 hours)

Lunch today
Chicken salad with mayo and mustard, a splash of apple cider vinegar, a small handful of raisins and almond slivers served over a big bed of spinach with steamed broccoli with butter s&p on the side and tea

afternoon snack, some carrots, peppers and a hunk of gorgonzola cheese

afternoon snack yesterday: salami and veggies with a small blob of mozzarella

Dinner Today
Trader Joes Palak Paneer (working 10 hour day) and only 8 carbs... not too bad

Dinner yesterday:
Ham, mashed cauliflower with 2 slices of bacon whipped into them and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and butter (YUM), and a big spinach and goat cheese with beet salad with oil and vinegar water

So far, its not too shabby. Could use more veggies I'm sure, but I'm just doing what I can to make this transition easier... if that means a few more fats like cheeses and meat, well, once the cravings are gone I can make veggies step two.

Before bed last night, a little sliver of Bree cheese

OMG... I officially ate a ton of cheese... I am so happy... and still having regular BMs and not bloated at all... so I'm staying the course... now if only the kids would stop telling me they are starving between bites of salami and cheese :)

Logic VS Cravings - bring it on!

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