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Child free not by choice...

I am so very thankful to have stumbled across info about a woman named Pamela Tsigdinos. I've done random google searches every so often to look for resources and info on living child free and most of them end up being written by and for women who CHOOSE to live child free (in a culture where that is considered strange by many). That's all well and good, but TOTALLY inappropriate for the women I was hoping to find information for... women who are coming face to face with living child free after years of TTC, fertility struggles, treatments, etc - not by choice at all.

And then I found an article about Mrs. Tsigdinos that was in the New York Times

Which led me to her lovely blog/online community: coming2terms.com  about her life after stopping TTC.

which led me to her secondary blog/online community: silent sorority "For Infertility Survivors (and those generally curious about us."

I am excited to dig in deeper and read more from both Mrs. Tsigdinos AND her readers/contributors. I'm already liking what I see... talking about grey vs. black and white, good days and bad, compassion and more.

Nice stuff, on a hard topic... it's about time (So glad I found this!)


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