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Birth, Rising C-Sections and More

I know not everyone reading this blog will experience giving birth. I also know that for many who ultimately will give birth, not knowing that right now makes thinking about birth very hard. That's okay!

But for those of you who are now, or will be in the future giving birth here's some good info to know... These are the local Twin Cities Hospitals 2009 Cesarean rates... as you can see, not all hospitals are created equal!

The purple-coded hospitals are those with some midwife-attended births. *you can see more info about some of the factors influencing c-section rates at this nice blog post - here*

1. St. Joseph's (St. Paul) - 12% 
2. HCMC (Minneapolis) - 22% 
3. Regions (St. Paul) - 23% 
4. St. John's (Maplewood) - 23% 
5. Mercy (Coon Rapids) - 24% 
6. North Memorial (Robbinsdale) - 24% 
7. Unity (Fridley) - 24% 
8. St. Francis (Shakopee) - 25%
9. Woodwinds (Woodbury) - 25% 
10. Lakeview Hospital (Stillwater) - 26% 
11. Methodist (St. Louis Park) - 26% 
12. Fairview Lakes (Wyoming) - 27% 
13. Northfield Hospital - 28% 
14. Fairview University/Riverside (Minneapolis) - 31% 
15. Fairview Ridges (Burnsville) - 33% 
16. Fairview Southdale (Edina) - 33% 
17. United (St. Paul) - 34% 
18. Abbott Northwestern (Minneapolis) - 37% 

Now, I know I am definitely biased towards the natural side of things, but keep in mind, one of the primary health care advisory organization in the WORLD (the W.H.O.) has gone on the record to say: Countries with some of the lowest perinatal mortality rates in the world have caesarean section rates under 10 %. Clearly there is no justification in any specific geographic region to have more than 10 – 15 % caesarean section birth.

If this has you thinking, you might like to read this interesting article about the rise of use of c-sections in recent decades from a 2012 issue of Harvard Magazine. This article is nice because it also covers the possible harm cesarean births pose for both moms and their babies which are often de-emphasised or not acknowledged at all, leading many women to believe that there is no real reason to strive for a vaginal birth when possible. It is also very important to me as a holistic practitioner to note that the risk to baby is much more long term and so no immediate negative effect is often perceived, even though there do seem to be some pretty significant implications including being more at risk for things like obesity, asthma and digestive issues... but again, often times those things happen so far after the birth most people are unaware of the possible link!   Harvard Magazine - Labor Interrupted

And if that weren't enough food for thought, consider this recent New York Times article about the cost of birth in america  We spend 2-3 times per birth as the even the the closest comparable countries, yet our outcomes for moms and babies are nowhere near the best. Like so much in the fee for service world of medicine there seems to be something broken that needs to be fixed!

I hope this information doesn't make anyone feel judged or guilty or any other negative emotion about the births and choices they have had or will ultimately have. When women are educated, aware, and there is still the need for c-sections I am so thankful they are there. Certainly I am a living testimony to the benefit of birthing in a country where there is intervention available when it is needed. I hope this will only make you stop and question where the need truly is, and not make decisions from a place of fear or lack of knowledge, and instead feel empowered and educated to have the best, safest birth for you and your precious little one! I know every mom wants to make the best choices for their children!


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