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Setting Loving Limits- Parent Talk

Minneapolis ECFE East & South PACs Present
Setting Loving Limits
with expert Erin Walsh
Thursday, October 11th 6-8pm Anne Sullivan School Auditorium

Learn the brain science behind why setting limits matters.

Join us to learn:
Why self-discipline is key to kids' success
How to nurture real self-esteem
The power of praise
How to avoid power struggles

We all want our kids to be happy, healthy, and successful yet the road to get there isn't always clear. This content-rich workshop will explain why self-discipline is the foundation of kids' success and why setting limits and enforcing consequences contributes to children's well- being, academic achievement, and happiness. Saying no isn't always easy, especially amidst powerful media messages that scream "More, Fast, Easy, and Fun!" Using brain science, real examples, and humor, acclaimed speaker, pioneer, expert and educator Erin Walsh will provide concrete strategies for setting loving limits. For more on Erin see her bio @ http://drdavewalsh.com/speaking/speakers/erinwalsh

Cost is free - donations accepted!
Please spread the word, pass this flyer along, tweet, post, and tell a friend!
Anne Sullivan School is at 3100 East 28th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406
limited childcare available 612-668-4980

YOU DO NOT need to be part of ECFE or a resident of Minneapolis to attend, ALL are welcome!

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