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Did I get your attention?

Whether the sight of the word makes you cringe, frustrated, excited, filled with dread, stressed... If you are struggling with infertility and in the Twin Cities area think I've got something that could bring some joy back to sex!

Five years ago I did my first ever Life Healing Life Sex Toy Party.  It was geared towards women suffering with the challenges of infertility and their supportive girlfriends.  In addition to a typical sex toy type party we combined fertility friendly info, sperm and body friendly products, and brought ways and ideas to reconnect with partners into the conversation.  My initial idea was that I thought it would be fun to have a little lighthearted sex related opportunity for women to laugh (pass the vibrator please), learn (what lubricants keep sperm safe) and take a load off (dress up, have snacks, chill out). A chance for a girls night out and a way to move back towards feeling better about their sexual health and relationship with their partners.  I wasn't sure how well it would be received, but I'm enthusiastic enough about talking about sex that a possibly lukewarm reception didn't dissuade me... and then, I found out just how wrong I was...

I was amazed at how enthusiastically women signed up!  So much so that I had to offer back to back parties on a saturday afternoon because the space I was holding the event was too small to accommodate everyone!  Lesson learned!

So I am WAAAAAY overdue for my second Sex Toy Party but I needed a bigger space and wanted to be sure to do it even better the second time around. And guess what, the stars have aligned and the 2nd Sex Toys & Fertility night is officially in the works!

I am BEYOND SUPER EXCITED to announce that not only will I be offering it to LHL patients and beyond, but that I will be co-hosting with Amy Theis of Heal OM (a lovely fertility and GLBT family building acupuncturist extraordinaire) and Jennifer Colletti of JenYoga and Fertile Grounding Yoga (a girl with a  lot going on in more ways than one!) at the OM collective. The date will be a Friday in late Sept./early Oct. and we are ironing out the details, but I feel confident in saying it is going to be amazing!

There will be room for a good size crowd and Laura Rademacher of Edgewise and educator will be the gal with the plan.  Laura is an amazing wealth of knowledge on sexual health, sex, and lots of other topics too.  She has some serious chops and is a tireless crusader for happy, healthy sex.  Check out some of Laura's projects:

In addition to her lovely one on one therapist work
She speaks all over the US and beyond
Co-hosts the Sex Is Fun Podcast
Blogs for and Co-Hosts the Strong, Sexy & Stylish Podcast

We will also have an amazing educator from the Smitten Kitten on board for the toy part of the party!
Please, if you do not know these amazing folks at the smitten kitten, check them out: Smitten Kitten

So check back soon and make a mental note, as summer turns to fall and the nights get longer wouldn't some fun in your sex life be a lovely thing!!

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