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Fertility Retreat Follow Up - Transformation through Infertility

I want to give a big shout out and thank you to the amazing group of women who attended today's class.  Besides having a beautiful day complete with a breeze blowing through the windows and birds chirping happily away (who needs music during acupuncture when you have nature to pitch in with the blissful feelings!?), I was humbled (as usual) to see the honesty, strength, compassion, support, and earnest desire not only to help themselves, but to help each other.  Group classes really do have this whole other dynamic that you just can't get during one on one sessions (not that those don't have their own set of unique benefits too).

We did a meditation to connect with our younger selves to think about where our journey began, made labyrinths to outline some of the highs, lows and in betweens we've experienced to date, and reflected on what is yet to come, what we want to take forward, and what we want to leave behind.

If these ideas are interesting to you, give this meditations a whirl.  It's an abbreviated version of the one we did today :)

Connecting with your Inner Child

Begin with a photo of your younger self

Take a deep and cleansing breath

Soften your gaze and look at the photo of your childhood self

Allow your mind go back to when you were this younger version of yourself, before you added the layers of whatever you’ve taken on - the things you thought you needed to be to be an adult, to protect yourself, to be perceived the way you think you need to be perceived, to be taken seriously, to get the job done, to be all grown up...

Feel the pressure of all these expectations and ideals then let them start to fall away to reveal your authentic self

Let these things melt away, give yourself permission to see what’s still underneath those things. Who are you really? Who would you be if there are no should be’s or have to’s?

Is there a wisdom in how you saw the world as a child? An innocence? Is there a truth about yourself or the challenges you are facing that this person can help you see? What would the younger you tell the you of today? What is important, how do you really want to be? What matters to your true self?

If the childhood version of yourself has been hurt, what can the you of today say to comfort her or reassure her? Can you use the wisdom or perspective that comes with experience?

Take time to imagine the connection between these two selves, allow them to have the time and space to teach one another and help you feel more authentic and true.

When the time feels right, imagine each of your selves sending pure love to the other. Feel joy knowing both of these selves are a part of you, embrace what is authentic in each and let go of what is not.

Smile at the you in the photo and honor where you come from and what makes you you.

Return your attention to your breath. Return to the here and now and take some time to journal on what you’ve discovered.

May the birds be chirping and the breeze be blowing in your world!


Mel said...

Sounds Wonderful. Wish I could have made class today. Hopefully next month.

Mel said...

Sounds Wonderful. Wish I could have been there...Hopefully next month.