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Fertility Retreat - The Unknown

I've heard it more than once (okay, possibly more than oh, about five dozen times...)  Not having a plan SUCKS!  It is rivaled only by the two-week-wait and even then, there is an end date in sight (so in ways maybe it's worse?  Is that possible?  Perhaps a fiery debate is in order!?)  

Does it feel like you're at a crossroads with a signpost in front of you and EVERY single option sort-of sounds miserable?  Spending lots of money, risk staying the course and more time passing you by, giving up your biological connection to your child, subjecting your body and mind to all sorts of hormonal....ummm...havoc?  These are not fun choices to make, there is never a clear winner. 

Or maybe you HAVE to take a big unknown pause, waiting for medical clearance, to change insurance, to make some other big life change, and even if you think you sort of know what you'd like to do you can't because you don't know exactly if and how things will shape up.

And then there is the wonderfully hopeful, yet (in reality) incredibly frustrating "diagnosis" of unexplained infertility so it's hard to know what to do....

Or the heart-wrenching situation where it's not about getting pregnant, it's about staying pregnant and the typical routes feel sort of pointless with the huge risk of more loss and sadness....

Or the terrible situation where you know the answer, so it rules out any of the options (even if they were crummy ones) that you thought you could choose, and leaves you between a rock and a hard place...

I've seen so many versions, each unique, yet each universal. 
        The bottom line: It's horrible not knowing what's next.

If you have been there and felt at a loss for what to do and how to cope, if you are there right now and struggling with an ambiguous path, if you are worried about what you would do if it comes to this then the July class might be just what the doctor ordered.  I wish I could say I could promise answers, but I can't. What I can offer is a place of peace, connection and support, some really great coping skills and tools to work with and on the unknown, and ultimately, some ways to feel a little more settled and a little less freaked out, and hey, that's a good things to have, come what may.

The details!

What: Relaxing holistic fertility retreats with topics you'll love, women you'll connect with, and a la carte group style acupuncture/acupressure healing.  

When: Saturday, July 14th 9am - Noon  (or 11 if you opt out of the acupuncture portion)

Where: St. Catherine's University in St. Paul (directions, room number & parking info will be given upon registration)

Who: Women who are naturally TTC, IUI, IVF, Donor Cycles, Surrogate Cycles, Adopting, Recurrent Loss, Making peace with discontinuing to try, Primary or Secondary, GLBT or Hetero, partnered or single, acupuncture pro or newbie (that includes needle-phobes, LHL Patients and non patients :)  (ALL women are welcome!)

Cost: $75 per participant per session - or skip the acupuncture (stay from 9-11) and pay $50 instead (acupuncture spaces are limited, so please specify when you register). 
TBD (excited at the prospect of a guest speaker on Art therapy!), but the date is set - August 18th!

Please pre-register at nicole@lifehealinglife.com at least TWO days in advance as space is limited. 

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