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It's the sneeze sneeziest time of the year!

Are you snotty, sneezy, and itchy?  This time of year is when my allergies go berserk and I am forever and deeply grateful for what has become a routine part of my day during allergy season... my neti pot.

The other day I think I scared our babysitter by exclaiming I just had a neti pot induced orgasm, but truly, there was no other way to say how completely unbelievable the feeling of going from stuffy and snotty to feeling free and spacious in your head via a lovely warm stream of water running in one nostril and out the other feels. It is amazing! I won't even get into how grossly superb watching all the globs of snot wash out of your own head and down the drain is (okay, I guess I just did).

Yes, I do realize it sounds like some form of torture. Yes, I too thought I would NEVER ever willingly pour water up my nose. Yet still, I got desperate enough took the leap and.... well, neti induced orgasms are AWESOME!!!

So check out this past post I did all about the Neti and go get yourself one today, if you are full of snot, have itchy eyes, sneeze a bunch, have a tickly throat, or any other allergy symptom bugging you (or you suffer from sinus infections) you will never look back!

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