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Gratitude and Heart Palpitations

This week feels CRAZY. Are you familiar with the idea of temperaments? Let me tell you one thing I know about mine... I am NOT highly adaptive.  I do not like quick transitions, I do not do well with back to back to back events, I do not like rushing from one thing to the next. It makes me feel like I'm going to totally lose my sh*t!

Last week and this week... NOT so great for non-adaptive me. I have been going nonstop!  So it wasn't completely surprising that I started experiencing heart palpitations a LOT. In traditional Chinese medicine heart palpitations are a sign that the heart (which is also the house for the spirit and emotions) is off balance. High emotions, too much taxation, and voila, heart palpitations are just one of the possible manifestations of an imbalanced heart (insomnia is another more common one). Never one to shun western medicine I went in for an EKG to be safe... sure enough I was diagnosed with "the healthy person" kind of heart palpitations (it doesn't feel so healthy).

So, I'm looking at these heart palpitations as a messenger. Instead of cursing them and carrying on. I'm doing my best to listen to what my body is telling me. The rest of today and ALL of tomorrow will involve, precisely ZERO planned events. I treated myself to an amazing massage with my fabulous officemate Sima (SOOOO GOOD!), I'm taking herbs, breathing consciously, trying to get to bed a little earlier, eating well, drinking enough fluids, and relaxing my standards a bit!

As part of my self care I've been chilling out and watching a few videos on one of my favorite online resources... oddly, it's the youtube channel of Rainn Wilson... AKA Dwight from the office. He does some pretty amazing stuff relating to happiness, gratitude, life, love, and other lovely things... The channel is called Soul Pancake and here's a little video I found on it today that I really really love!  Good stuff about gratitude a touch of research, and bit of misty eyed emotions. Perfect!

Oh, and if my not so highly adaptive personality rings true for you, you'll probably really like looking at it through a different lens.  Instead of thinking of yourself as easily overwhelmed or up tight, take this self quiz and then dig into the website it is on. You may be a "highly sensitive person"and that's not such a bad thing :)

Now back to relaxing!

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