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Stories and Power

Both the retreats this month have a lot in common... the busy women's retreat topic is "The Stories We Tell Ourselves," and the fertility retreat topic is, "Feeling Like a Failure." But in many ways they are essentially the same, for what is feeling like a failure, but one of the negative, self-limiting, and hurtful stories we tell ourselves?

Take a moment to consider this - the only thing you have control over, is what you decide to believe and give power to and subsequently what you do with that knowledge. Now, take this challenge... try to think of this fact, not as a grim reminder of how little control you really have, but as an inspiring reminder of how MUCH control you really have.

If you aren't already familiar with his story, Zach Sobiech, was a 18 year old with an amazing ability to share with the rest of humanity what it looks like to own this truth. His life and his story are a bright beacon for anyone and everyone to see how powerful the control we do have is. He recently died of a rare form of bone cancer, but from his diagnosis to his death and well beyond, he exemplifies how very wonderful it can be to drop the story, let go of all those limiting beliefs and really and truly live. I am so touched to know his story and will take what he taught me through my whole life. I am also amazed at his family and support system, so much love, so much grace (as you will see, literally and figuratively). I am quite honestly stunned.

So if you don't know him, or want to know more, please, take some time to check out this 20 minute documentary about Zach and his take on living, dying and lots in between. I hope it will inspire you as it does me! There's nothing like a little perspective, especially on a damp and dreary day when it's tempting to take for granted that we are alive and we hold so much that is bright and shining in our hearts and hands.

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