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I'm an acupuncturist, teacher, fertility specialist, patient centered advocate, mom, activist and more! This blog is a place for me to write down the things on my mind, the things I discuss over and over, and the things I find helpful, interesting, and inspiring all in the hope that someone else out there, maybe YOU, will find some of these things to be helpful, interesting and inspiring too. I love learning, I love sharing, and I am passionate about helping others lead more balanced, fertile, and healthy lives - while trying to do the same myself. So here goes... The Blogging Life...


Dear Readers,

I don't know who is reading this blog. My statistics bar tells me it is viewed about 1,000 times per month. Which leads me to feel both a profound sense of gratitude and a healthy dose of guilt for all the posts I have in my head and half written in an attempt to practice what I preach (I said attempt!)

And perhaps it's because the few people I do know personally who regularly check in to see if it has been another 3 weeks of lull or a sudden smattering of posts are women I hold dear in my heart... more and more, each time I sit down to type I really and truly hope my words and the work I do can somehow help. That they touch your heart and life and help you find balance.

It has always been a goal of mine to reach beyond the trap of focusing on a merely successful private practice (which is a lovely blessing, don't get me wrong), but to go beyond that and to help inform humanity and change the way women see themselves, their health, and their own role in being powerful and amazing beings.

Lofty goals, I know, but just 10 years into all this (not to mention being up to my ears in diapers and sleepless nights for these last 4 and with a few more to come) I've only just begun! Just wait, I don't really care so much that you know ME... I just want you to know what I believe in my heart and soul in your own heart and soul. I want you to understand yourself in a way that mainstream western medicine and culture misses the boat on. You are a miracle. Life is wise. You have so much power to make things better (in yourself and the world) - and as one quote goes... "You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are."I hope I can show you.

So thank you for reading. I promise to keep trudging through these days when I have way more posts in my head than I can find the time to get on the screen, and I promise there is so much more to come. And always, I'm sending my love.


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