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Herb Dosing By Age and Weight

Most Chinese herbs have pretty straight forward dosing instructions, but using a person's age and or weight as you factor in the dose can help get the best results and avoid problems.  Here are two nice guides to help you know if you should adjust the dose you are taking (or giving to someone else)

Age-to-Dose Guidelines                                      Weight-to-Dose Guidelines
0-1 month 1/18-1/14 of adult dose                      30-40 lbs. 20-27% of adult dose
1-6 months 1/14-1/7 of adult dose                       40-50 lbs. 27-33% of adult dose
6-12 months 1/7-1/5 of adult dose                       50-60 lbs. 33-40% of adult dose
1-2 years 1/5-1/4 of adult dose                             60-70 lbs. 40-47% of adult dose
2-4 years 1/4-1/3 of adult dose                             70-80 lbs. 47-53% of adult dose
4-6 years 1/3-2/5 of adult dose                             80-100 lbs. 53-67% of adult dose
6-9 years 2/5-1/2 of adult dose                             100-120 lbs. 67-80% of adult dose
9-14 years 1/2-2/3 of adult dose                           120-150 lbs. 80-100% of adult dose
14-18 years 2/3 to full adult dose                         150-200 lbs. 100-133% of adult dose
18-60 years full adult dose                                    200-250 lbs. 133-167% of adult dose
60 years + 3/4 adult dose or less                          250-300 lbs. 167-200% of adult dose

Patients who are more than usually sensitive to foods, herbs, or drugs should begin with smaller than usual doses.

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