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I'm an acupuncturist, teacher, fertility specialist, patient centered advocate, mom, activist and more! This blog is a place for me to write down the things on my mind, the things I discuss over and over, and the things I find helpful, interesting, and inspiring all in the hope that someone else out there, maybe YOU, will find some of these things to be helpful, interesting and inspiring too. I love learning, I love sharing, and I am passionate about helping others lead more balanced, fertile, and healthy lives - while trying to do the same myself. So here goes... The Blogging Life...


Resources for Parenting

If and when you find yourself on the other side of this fertility journey babe in arms or kiddo in hand, you may also find yourself surprised that it doesn't somehow all get easy from here on out.  Sure, it's hugely better when it comes to the stress and anxiety and roller coaster of emotions that come day to day and month to month with fertility challenges, but being a mom can also be a bit of a let down (especially when it was put up on a pedestal for years!).  When something has taken so much time and energy and focus and then is over, there are still challenges of parenting, hormones, big transitions (not to mention a fair bit of sleep deprivation).

First off, it is OKAY and normal to feel this way. Don't feel guilty for not magically feeling like your life is perfect, just because you got your heart's deepest desire.  It's another "both together at the same time without blending the two" situation.  You can be grateful and blissful and happy AND at your wit's end, sad, mad, and other hard stuff.  BOTH make sense!  So here are just a few of the many resources you should keep in mind and use should you need some extra support.  You'll be in good hands!

         Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota - On their website you will find lots of helpful information including the number you can call to connect within 24 hours with one of their trained volunteers or mental health professionals.

Circle of Moms - Emotional Support After Baby Support Group
Next groups: Mon, Jan. 28th (Edina) 6:30-8pm) & Thurs Feb 7 (Woodbury) 6-7:30pm.
Groups meet twice monthly at each location.
Free, professionally facilitated, babies welcome.

Mindful Parenting Class - Meditation & Discussion
First and Third Thursdays
February 7 - April 18th, 2013, 9:30 - 11:30 AM
6 sessions, 12 hours, $155.00 paid with registration
+ $10 materials fee due at first class
Up to 12 CEUs for mental health professionals, nurses and teachers.

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