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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Endometriosis

See the study on PubMed

This is a really exciting finding on Chinese herbal medicine and post laparoscopic suppression of endometriosis.  While it is small (158 women) it shows that Chinese herbal medicines are as effective or MORE than the two main western drugs used to inhibit the return of endometrial tissue post surgery.  AND it specifically notes that while there are side effects to the two Western drugs (Danazol and Gestrinone) there are NOT with chinese herbs.

I know I have seen herbal formulas do some pretty amazing things including help prevent endometriosis from returning in patients of mine who have previously had to undergo repeated laperoscopic surgeries to remove it.  PLUS, they can help with the whole person and help women feel better overall when the formula is the right match for the job.  I love studies like this and it's exciting to see more research on Chinese herbal medicine, vs. all on acupuncture (not that I mind those studies either, but acupuncture is just one aspect of Chinese medicine!)

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