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Reproductive Immunology

I am often asked my opinion on the role immunity plays in infertility - specifically recurring pregnancy loss. From a Chinese medicine perspective everything is interconnected (well, I'd argue from EVERY perspective everything is interconnected), so although there is somewhat of a "hot debate"in reproductive medicine circles, it certainly seems within the realm of possibility to me.  Of course, this is not my lens of viewing things... to me, immune dysfunction can relate to a number of holistic imbalances including spleen and/or lung deficiencies (those of you with reports of findings will know if you've got em!), heat, and dampness. There are other complicating factors as well.  Add to this possible genetic dispositions to clotting disorders, or more subtle microcirculation issues and you can add qi stagnation and blood stasis to the list!

Many of you have heard of Dr. Beer's work in reproductive immunology and clotting disorders, and want more info specifically on where you can find more resources or local supporters of his work, so here's some info for you:

Here is an article about one of the two main practitioners I know of in the midwest (both in Chicago area) who do this work, I have seen patients who:


and a bio of the other:


A local OB/GYN practitioner who has supported the Dr. Beer protocols since 1995:


And of course, if you haven't been and want info right from the source, there is a information packed Dr. Beer website where his work continues. Here you can read a LOT about this approach as well as order his book to go more in depth!


Certainly, infertility is an amazingly personal and intense struggle for the women and couples experiencing it, add to this the pain of recurring pregnancy loss or unexplained IVF failure and the heartache is all the more intense.  If you are reading this and are in such a situation, please know you are not alone and I am sorry for your loss.

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