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First Treatment Basics

You may have been directed here in preparation of your first acupuncture visit with me.  Or perhaps you are just a person out in the world investigating what you need to know prior to getting an acupuncture treatment.  Here are some of the basics!

-Expect your acupuncturist to look at your tongue (please don’t brush your tongue, chew gum, or eat/drink anything that will stain it if you can remember!), take your pulse on both wrists, and palpate acupuncture points on your body (especially your abdomen). 
-If possible, wear loose clothes that are comfortable to lie down in for 30 minutes (you may be given a robe if this is not possible).
-You may be asked to bare certain areas of the body such as your back, abdomen) but will always remain appropriately draped with a sheet.
-Infrared heat lamps may be used to keep you warm while your needles are retained.  
-If you are pregnant, you may be treated with the table in an inclined position, on your side, or sitting up depending on how you are most comfortable.
-You will rest with your needles in for 20-35 minutes on average.  During this time, the lights will be dimmed, relaxing music or a meditation will play and you will have a bell to ring, should you need anything at all.

-You may feel some sensation while the needles are in such as heaviness or warmth, you may feel very little. Most people find treatments extremely relaxing (even those who dislike needles).

-It is okay to receive acupuncture when you are menstruating, but you should let your acupuncturist know as she/he may need to adjust their point selection.

-Always be sure to eat within 4-5 hours of your appointment (an empty stomach can lead to feeling faint or nauseated much like it might were you doing Western blood work).

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