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Perspective is a good thing.

What an amazing thing perspective is! I just returned from a walk and although it is only 15 degrees (and I'm not a fan of the cold), it occurred to me that 15 degrees feels downright balmy compared to the ten below weather we've had for the past week or so. As I finished my walk it struck me once again...how my whole take on a situation can change with perspective. It is one of those things that never ceases to amaze me. I am well aware of it, have spoken on its wonders, have overcome some of the biggest challenges in my life largely with the help of it, and yet even the simplest example -- a change in the weather -- brings my awareness back to the many other areas of my life I need to keep perspective on.

Maybe a bit of back story would help me make my point. This particular walk, on this particular day was prompted by a frustrating situation I've been facing since last night. The details are not important, but the frustration is key. As I mentioned, this situation started last night, and by today it had escalated (in my mind at least) to a point where I decided that some journaling was in order to help me let off some steam. So, I started to write, but instead of feeling better, (as is usually the case when I write) I found that this particular frustration had so much history that instead of helping me let go of the immediate, the writing was in fact bringing out all the past (which I can't change). "Plan B" was clearly needed, so I bundled up and set off for a walk in the cold. Some physical movement to help the emotional stagnation.

To combat the thoughts of the cold and my frustration, I decided to do a mindfulness meditation while I walked. A naming meditation...

As I walked, I began letting adjectives pop into my mind. Everything I saw, smelt, felt, tasted...I described in my mind. The graceful and bare reeds along the pond, the metallic whoosh of iceskates against the ice, earthy muddy puddles, stubborn trees still holding their dried brown leaves, the clean, crisp and cold air in my lungs...and I walked. I wasn't thinking of my feelings of frustration, I wasn't thinking of the past, I wasn't even thinking of the cold. I was completely in the moment. After a while I felt completely different, exhilarated, content, better than okay...at peace and I was back at my door.

And instead of returning to write more in my journal, I am writing this and pondering perspective, living in the moment and peace. My journal entry will be finished later, but not in the way I'd imagined before I went outside on my walk. Before I was reminded of the beauty, the order, and of course...the perspective that is all around me.

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Betsy said...

Thanks, Nicole. This is a good reminder when cabin fever strikes. No matter how cold or snowy it is!